What Are Cement Tiles?

Cement or terrazzo tiles are made of a mixture of cement, aggregates (usually marble or granite chips), natural color oxides and water. They have been used as a flooring material for hundreds of years, and differ from ceramic or porcelain tiles in that they offer more versatility in terms of design, size and color and are more durable and long-lasting. Cement tiles can be polished many times over after installation, bringing them back to new after decades of use.

Cement tiles are considered a green, environmentally friendly product, typically lasting the lifetime of a building. Their production utilizes mainly natural earth materials with minimal environmental impact, and the process is non-polluting as the tiles are hydraulically pressed, not fired in a kiln like ceramic tiles.

Nile Co

founded in 1942

By Pioneering Egyptian Industrialist Ibrahim Abdel Hafiz

In continuous operation for over 70 years, the family-run business has built its reputation on the quality of their products, advanced manufacturing techniques, and the trust placed in their name. We value and embrace our heritage, combining Italian manufacturing expertise with local know-how gained over the course of decades of experience and passed down from generation to generation.
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Founded in 1942

quality & production

We are continuously developing and upgrading our products and manufacturing techniques

Our primary focus and driving force has always been the quality of our products. Our commitment to continuous improvement, constant research and technological development has allowed us to become leaders in the field. Vertical expansion all along the supply chain has enabled us to control every aspect and phase of the production process, ensuring the quality and consistency of our finished product. We are the only Egyptian manufacturer to produce tiles that can handle up to 240kg/cm3 and with a production capacity of 4000 sq.m. per day.
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Nile Co


Nile Co

our products

Our wide range of tile products is suitable for commercial, residential and industrial applications.

Our products include handmade encaustic cement tiles, double-layer and single-layer terrazzo tiles, decorative outdoor and pavement tiles, and natural quartzite stone tiles for indoor and outdoor use. We provide flooring solutions for various environments; from exterior landscaping to interior decoration, heavy-duty commercial environments to luxury residential spaces.
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management team

Today, the Nile Co. continues to be managed by a board of directors consisting of the next generation of the Abdel Hafiz family, building on over 70 years of history and experience in making world-class quality cement tiles.

Ibrahim Abdel Hafiz
Founder & Chairman 1942-2005
Nadia Abdel Hafiz
Chairman of the Board
Ibrahim Shawky
Dina Abdel Hafiz
Vice Chairman

Our Clients

Our list of clients is a testament to the trust and confidence placed in our products by many of the largest developers, hotels, businesses and institutions in Egypt

  • Marriott

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